Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KL Open: Day 4 pictures


Haslindah Ruslan doing well today with wins against Singaporean Timothy Chan (ELO 1594) and Chen I Chen(ELO 1715).

Round 8 she meets fellow Malaysian, World Police Champion Ismail Ahmad. (Update: The game was drawn just now. Haslindah is now 2.5/8 same as Ismail Ahmad)


Round 6 - Walkover. It’s 8.30am and Medina claims a win as her opponent , Biswajit Bharadwaj did not arrive after 30 minutes. Medina is one of the better performing Indonesian Dreamgirl team. She is 3.5/7.


FM Pak Evgeniy doing well with 5/7. He meets GM Dao Thein Hai in Round 8. (Update: Pak drew with Dao)



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