Monday, April 5, 2010

KL Open 2010 new blog

Following the success of this collaborative chess blog on the KL Open, we continue with yet another new collaborative blog for the new KL Open 2010.

The URL for this year's 3rd KL Chess Open is:
See you there!

This blog will be maintained and be an archive for the first KL Chess Open in 2008 and the second 2009.


G. Ames said...

We are a strong group of about 29 (although we are not always at the club at the same time). Our chess players range from 900-2300+ in strength. The club has been around since about 1992 and has been active since. Pat Barron and Craig Gressin built up quite a membership from which it is today, along with a few extra players that we have come across. Angelina Thomas recently handed over leadership to Marcos Montes. Under the supervision of Marcos, the Hemet Chess Club now holds USCF rated tournaments.

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