Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some nice feedback


It warms our hearts when other bloggers give us some credit for the work done by us four bloggers. We found this blog commenting about us when we saw the traffic being directed from a Philippines chess blog:-

As we all know, the tournament has an official website. However, the way the official website handles the coverage of the tournament is simply disgusting.

The good thing is that there is an unofficial website which is also covering the tournament. The unofficial coverage is not really ideal -- but at least, chess fans hungry of news about the tournament are somehow fed.

Interestingly, the unofficial website is the results of concerted efforts of four bloggers who are devoted to promoting the sports of chess.

You see? When bloggers unite for a good cause, something good happens.

~ full article at Malibay Chess Club

It's comments like this that makes it worthwhile for us to continue collecting and posting as much information about this tournament.

Also to be fair, it must be noted the official website cannot be faulted as they are facing many unexpected technical difficulties that hinders them from timely updates. In addition it doesn't really matter who posts the latest results first as long as it gets out there for fans to consume.

We hope Malibay Chess Club can also have a successful collaborative and concerted efforts of bloggers to make updates on their Handuraw Chess Festival 2008.

Thank You!!


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