Friday, December 19, 2008

Malaysian Chess Future!

Future promising and aspiring Malaysian chess players.

The above pictures show some of the aspiring and promising Malaysian youngsters who can excel in chess. They are currently participating in the KLCA Chess Open in Challengers category held in Commonwealth Hall, Bukit Jalil from 15th to 21st December 2008. Some of them are medal winners from the recent National Juniors Championship. The category is for all chess players with FIDE ratings below 2000. All of them are 10 years old or below.  They love chess and are enthusiastic to win honors in chess tournaments. They are supported by their dedicated parents who provide the necessity and requirements to excel in chess like coaching, chess materials, motivation and tournaments fees.

Besides the parents, these intelligent youngsters also require support from other parties to improve further and achieve honors like getting title and winning chess tournaments both local and international.

  • The government via relevant agencies or ministries to provide basic facilities, funds and chess-related programs.
  • The local chess authority to plan, manage and facilitate local chess activities and programs.
  • The media both electronic and newspapers to provide coverage to all chess-related activities like tournaments and workshops or having chess columns or segments. 
  • The society to be involved and participate in chess-related events and to have active chess clubs.
  • The schools and teachers to support and activate chess clubs, organize in-house chess tournaments and training.
Malaysia surely can produce chess geniuses and have chess Grandmasters, the highest chess title, when all parties play their important roles. If Malaysia can allocate a sum of money in space program, surely it can allocate also for chess program to produce chess GM and win world class  tournaments. MALAYSIA BOLEH!


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